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Take part in one of the biggest issues of our time and make a bold statement, letting all your friends and enemies know that feces should no longer be ignored or considered taboo. After all, what could be more human than a bowel movement? Its practically the opposite of breathing or any other form of communication.

To all that join the cause, we thank you,


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  • Help promote awareness of an issue as serious as colon cancer
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  • Made from real recycled human waste*
* Not actually made from recycled human waste

SOP Factoids & Stories.. and the poop hits the fan
Faeces had their moment in the sun, so to say, in the little-known Scatozoic Era. read full story & more...
How many ways can you sport a poops ribbon?
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SOP Button Badges

These small circles of colorful poopaganda are a great way to spread the message while looking good. Each button badge is $2.99.

What's this all about

Approximately one in 17 persons in this country will develop colorectal cancer at some point in life. About half of those people will lose their life because of it. However, simple routine screenings can drastically improve your chances to beat colon cancer. We hope this poopaganda™ will help remind people of the importance of their bowel movement. Our ability to live a cancer free life depends on our poops, won't you support them?

50¢ of each $5.00 magnet sale will be donated to The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation* (preventcancer.org) to aid in colon cancer research and awareness.

* We are not affiliated with The Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation

Did you know... Approximately one in 17 persons in this country will develop colorectal cancer at some point in life.
more info: http://www.aafp.org/afp/990600ap/3083.html

Medline Plus, Colorectal Cancer Info
Colorectal Cancer (PDQ): Prevention
Risk Factors and Recommendations for Early Detection
Spread Awareness

Here are supporting graphics for spreading our poopaganda to the masses.

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