Wondering what to watch this weekend? This week we have the hottest models of all time, a complex drama that shows nothing is ever as it seems, a crazy high school comedy focused on the principal's office, and a podcast murder mystery about the worst first day of work ever.
The Super Models - Apple TV+ 
Picked by Growth Associate Keara O’Driscoll
If there was a Mt. Rushmore of runway models, it would be carved with the faces of Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, and Christy Turlington. This doc introduces viewers to the women behind their mega, dare I say “super,” names. Their bodies have been the vehicles for delivering the top fashion to the public and have engrained some of the most iconic moments in pop culture history. Now in their fifties, the super models have come together to tell the stories of how they broke down the barrier to being know for themselves rather than just being models in a photo.
Full Circle - Max
Picked by Lawrence Banton
The shady past of a wealthy New York City family comes circling back 20 years later when they become the target of a family crime syndicate out of Queens. The old saying "an eye for an eye" is an ever-present theme throughout the limited series. Kidnapping the son of a celebrity chef as a means to lift a family curse was only part of the plot. A real estate deal that turned out to be nothing more than a ghetto filled with struggling families on the island of Guyana became the cause of a plot for revenge. The cast is star-studded and includes roles played by Claire Danes, Zazie Beetz, CCH Pounder, Dennis Quaid and Jharrel Jerome. 
Vice Principals - Max
Picked by Senior Editor Dina Ross
I'm nearly at the end of The Righteous Gemstones (an incredible suggestion from Keara O'Driscoll), so I'm excited to have another hysterical series from Danny McBride. This series pre-dates Gemstones, but the core groups of actors star in both. McBride himself co-stars in this, well, gem about a high school with two opinionated vice principals who are vying for power, but find a common enemy after the principal leaves. They comedy is raunchy, the laughs are loud, and each episode leaves you wanting more. 
Podcast Pick
Picked by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor
Jemma's first day at nautical tech startup Peace of Ship is murder. As in, someone was murdered. And as the new Employee Experience Manager, she's tasked with solving it. Kate Mara (A Teacher, House of Cards) is fun as an elder millennial plant parent-turned-detective in the silly mystery podcast, which just dropped its seventh of twelve episodes. (Product placement for the show's sponsor is usually amusing, but there are a couple of scenes where it's pushed a little too hard. Just tune it out.)